Our Commitment

We believe everyone has the right to a positive healthcare experience, one that minimizes the financial impact for the member and organization. We believe this is accomplished via patient advocacy, technology, primary care and access to the highest quality and lowest cost services available. By providing direct personalized assistance to members, we create educated, literate and more efficient consumers in our highly complex healthcare system.

What We Do

Reset Healthcare has identified where the fat and waste is in the current system, we embed specific risk management tools to address these issues based on the health of a given population. Then, we give members the ability to efficiently and effectively become true consumers of healthcare. Employers receive credit during the underwriting process to more accurately reflect their current risk , thus reducing the initial entry costs and provide more control over renewals. We work for the employer, not the system.

Stop Loss Markets

The Stop Loss markets rarely provide a true picture of an employers actual risk and provide limited resources to assist in the management of that risk. Employers struggle to understand where/how they can control costs in one of the largest expenses to their business. Our passion is to support business with a highly specialized, unique, financial solution that lowers costs for small and returns savings back to them. There are no long term contracts and we provide more control over renewals with the benefit of rate caps.

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